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Patient Charter

Published: 23.02.2023

The following outlines our commitment to every patient, as well as their representatives, and the care homes with whom we partner to provide our services. It also outlines what we ask in return, from our patients, to ensure a positive working environment for our dental team, as well as the smooth operation of our mobile dental unit.

What we promise to you:

  • To work, at all times, to justify the trust we receive from our patients and the care homes with whom we partner.


  • To be receptive to feedback from patients, their representatives and our partner care homes, and try our utmost to continually improve the service we provide.


  • To communicate with all patients in a courteous, friendly and professional manner.

  • To respect, at all times, each patients’ confidentiality in line with UK-GDPR.


  • To provide all patients with the standard of care that we would expect to receive ourselves, with specific recognition of the challenges they face personally.

  • To deal with ALL enquiries as promptly as possible. 

  • To ensure patients are seen in a timely manner, on the day they are scheduled to attend our on-site clinic. 

  • To manage our appointments system so that treatment appointments are booked no more than 8 weeks in advance, unless by request of special circumstance. 

  • To provide any emergency treatment required during practice hours, as soon as is reasonably practicable. 

  • To provide patients with a treatment plan and an estimate of costs for each new course of treatment. 

  • To ensure no treatment is undertaken without the patient’s (direct or transferred) full and explicit consent. 


  • To ensure we are clear and transparent about the services we offer and how we operate.


  • To make patients and/or their representatives aware of our policy for collecting fees and to provide all information regarding the cost of treatment as soon as it is reasonable to do so, once available to us.


  • To refer patients for further professional advice and treatment where appropriate, explaining each process and gaining consent where required.


  • To keep our professional skills and knowledge up-to-date.​

  • To share openly our policy for handling complaints known to patients and their representatives.

  • To follow the latest cross-infection guidelines ensuring your safety is prime concern


What we ask of you:

  • To participate in your dental treatment, with particular emphasis on implementing a good daily routine, including advice on diet and preventative care (as far as is reasonable where third-party assistance is needed). 

  • To be available for assessment and/or treatment on the day you are scheduled to attend our on-site clinic. We know some cancellations will be unavoidable but to ensure we can reorganise our time to assist as many residents as possible, we ask that advance notice of cancellation be provided to our admin team by calling 01354 700 950. If you miss an appointment on more than one occasion without letting us know, we may need to review future provision of treatment for you at the practice

  • To inform us of any changes to your medical history. 

  • To ensure your contact details and those of your nominated representative are kept up to date at all times.

  • To treat our staff courteously. We recognise that cognitive impairment can lead to an increase in anxiety and, at times, aggressive behaviour. While our team will do their best to help meet the needs of all patients, inappropriate speech or action that is deemed to be excessive, will result in termination of our services.


  • To participate in routine recall appointments, as requested by the dentist. Failure to attend routine check-ups for a period exceeding 2 years, will result in you being considered a new patient.


  • To cooperate with our pricing policy and ensure prompt payment of invoices, no later than the payment due date.


The company logo. A purple ring, containing a light green inner background and a smiling cartoon tooth in an open-top purple car, holding a toothbrush. This time, the logo is used in place of the letter O in the word YOU, forming the sentence KEEPING YOU SMILING.
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