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The company logo. A purple ring, containing a light green inner background and a smiling cartoon tooth in an open-top purple car, holding a toothbrush.
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Here at Mobile Dental Services, our mission is clear and simple; we want to break down the barriers encountered by our advancing-years community, in accessing vital dental health care; by providing an affordable, compassionate service, which can be delivered in the comfort of their own familiar surroundings!

But that's not the first chapter in our story...

Developed by Friends For Needs Ltd, in collaboration with The Prior's Green Dental Hive, Mobile Dental Services has its roots in caring for others. Read on to learn a little more about the teams behind the little cartoon tooth.


We know the importance of good oral health! That's why we're so proud to offer mobile dental clinics direct to care homes; a service designed to ease the pressures currently felt by care staff, and family members alike, in getting care-home residents to off-site dental appointments.

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Friends For Needs | March | Cambridgeshire


Friends For Needs got its start back in 2011, with just two friends who cared deeply about those around them, noticing the ever-increasing rates of isolation among the elderly, leading to loneliness.

There and then was born the idea of what is now a well-established Companionship and Befriending Service. Also offering a range of domestic support services, our Friends For Needs team works every day to help older, and vulnerable ones alike, to remain in their own homes, living independently, for as long as they are able to. 

With the enduring and meaningful connections developed with our clients, we witness a number of changes in their lives.

As their personal care needs become more intensive, perhaps requiring residential care, we have seen the challenges faced by both those in care and those providing it, first hand. Access to dental care and daily oral-health routines were one such challenge.

With existing connections in Dentistry, we saw the opportunity to help and knew we had to respond...

In 2020, FFN Mobile Dental Services was registered and raring to get started - what could go wrong? Maybe just one small *ok, pandemic-sized* hiccup which put us back a little bit.

Fast-forward to 2022 (or whenever you're stopping by to read this - Hello!) and here we are, open for business and eager to become your mobile dentist of choice. 


The company logo. A purple ring, containing a light green inner background and a smiling cartoon tooth in an open-top purple car, holding a toothbrush. This time, the logo is used in place of the letter O in the word YOU, forming the sentence KEEPING YOU SMILING.
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